Dropbox and Other Document Management Options

Office documents are the bane of all working people. They come in all shapes and sizes and are only increasing in number as more files are created and stored on mobile devices. These documents are a hassle for the recipient and a waste of valuable storage space for the sender. The solution to this problem is to employ document management apps. The purpose of these apps is to store, manage, and share your files. They are also very useful as they enable you to access your files from any device, anywhere.

Managing Documents with DropBox

Everything needs to be backed up, so why not do it with the one tool that is easy and reliable? Use Dropbox to keep your files up to date, accessible, and secure. Daily backups of your computer and files are key, but Dropbox has the added benefit of being able to sync and share your documents with your contacts, whether they are nearby or on the other side of the planet.

Dropbox has long been one of the top cloud storage choices for individuals, and it recently expanded its family of apps to include document management, allowing users to sync files to Dropbox and access them from other devices. But what about companies? Companies have their own files, as they do with email attachments and PDFs, Excel sheets, and other documents that are vital to running their businesses.

How can document management apps like Dropbox help the workplace?

One of the biggest issues in the workplace today is how to store and share business documents. Even for those who have a computer, the vast majority of employees still have to remember which folder they save documents in and often have to print out documents for meetings, just to be safe. However, plenty of apps make it easier to collaborate and store documents securely, from simple solutions like Dropbox to more advanced tools that provide detailed information. Factor in the fact that so many employees are using more than one device, and things get even more complex. The option to store files and documents locally should also be considered; while cloud services can do the job of storing and sharing well, it’s always smart to have a local back-up of all important documents. In this regard, bulk memory card duplication services could be beneficial as it can ensure that multiple flash drives or memory cards are stored with the required information, making it easy to access when needed.

Document Management Alternatives

If you’re lost on the best choice for managing documents in your business, you’re not alone. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Dropbox is a popular service that lets you share files with your team while keeping them synced across devices. But no worries, there are several options that you can choose from for effective document management. These are:

  • Com – Syncing is a great solution for many kinds of businesses. For instance, you can use it to back up your files. You can also use it to share files with your co-workers. And, of course, you can use it to share files with your customers. Either way, with a file-sharing solution like Sync.Com, you can turn any business into a collaborative working environment (without having to replace all of your company’s computers.)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint – is a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use tool. It provides the ability to create, edit and store documents and sharepoint lists that any member of your company can access. With Sharepoint, you can also create websites that could be used to track and share documents across your company with software like a Sharepoint online migration tool as well as many other add-ons.
  • M-Files – If you are still using pen and paper to keep track of your documents, then consider switching to M-Files. M-Files is a cloud-based solution that offers document management, as well as time manager, and to-do lists. The software can be accessed from anywhere and on the go, using the web browser. Using the software, you can create different file types such as a PPT slide show, notes, tasks, and invoices.
  • PCLOUD – Recently, the price of cloud services has decreased dramatically. This has made it more appealing to replace your company’s document management system with cloud services or to use local cloud services as an on-site backup option. While PCLOUD is an easy-to-use, safe, and cost-saving document management solution, there are several options available. PCLOUD is one of the cheaper options, but features like collaboration tools and instant access to your documents will ensure your documents are secure.

Document management is a hot topic in the business world today. For the most part, it is all the craze as it is the way of the future. This system can generate, store, manage, and share documents across the enterprise. They provide end-to-end security for enterprise documents. They work with existing IT infrastructures to improve productivity and simplify processes. They can also help organizations to gain a competitive edge.

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