How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily (Simple Methods to Perform)

Is Forcing Yourself To Vomit A Good Idea?

Today I will share a brief details about How To Make Yourself Throw Up easily within few minutes.

The answer to this question depends upon the circumstances.

Forcing yourself to throw up is sometimes good when you have stomachache caused by dyspepsia (acidity). In this case, to make yourself throw up will relieve the heartburn.

Throwing up is also good in case of food poisoning as it helps to get the toxins and other harmful stuff out of the system.

But it is not good when you are forcing yourself to throw up regularly. You are making it a habit either as a remedy to lose weight or to make yourself feel comfortable. Repetitive induced vomiting is quite dangerous.

It is against natural bowel habits. In addition, repetitive throwing is associated with consequences. It not only disturbs the appetite but in severe cases, it also leads to dehydration, fluid-electrolyte imbalance, and may cause bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia nervosa is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder. In this disorder people first of all intake excessive amounts of food which is called” binge eating”, and then attempts to get rid of excessive food by different methods either by forceful throwing up or by using laxatives.

Habitual throwing up may also cause damage or tearing of food pipe (esophagus). Therefore in cases where repetitive throwing up is necessary to make yourself feel comfortable, it is compulsory to seek the help of physicians instead of making it a habit.

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10 Easy Ways How To Make Yourself Throw Up:

With Your Finger

Warm Salt Water



Think About Vomiting

Gargle With Egg Whites

Expose Yourself To Unpleasant Smells And Sights

Baking soda

Mustard solution

Bloodroot herb

With Your Finger:


It is the simplest and easiest method to make yourself throw up. Although it does not seem nice to use your finger for throwing up. This is the most convenient method of all. Wash your hands properly before using your finger.

All you have to do for this method to work out is to insert your finger in mouth and slowly pushing it down in the throat. As the finger approaches the back part of the tongue, it induces vomiting.

This happens because pushing your finger down in the throat act as a stimulus and as a result, it initiates a reflex that makes you feel nauseous. This gag reflex is activated while touching the back of the tongue with the help of a finger and makes you throw up quickly.

Warm Salt Water:


Another method to make yourself throw up is to consume the warm salt solution. As the name of this procedure indicate, all you need is water and salt.

Take a glass of water.

Make it warm.

And then take one to two teaspoons of salt.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of salt in the glass of water.

And then stir them to make saline solution.

Then swill it down in a single attempt.

Within 25-30 minutes you will feel nauseous and make yourself throw up.

You can also push your finger down in the throat to induce vomiting quickly.

This method works because salt contains sodium and by consuming saline solution you intake a large amount of sodium. Intake of sodium in such large amounts disturbs the equilibrium and leads to fluid-electrolyte imbalance.

To regain the balance between fluid and electrolytes body tries to get rid of the excessive salt. This is done by induced vomiting.

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Coca-cola is a soft drink. It is non-alcoholic and carbonated which means it contains bubbles consisting of carbon dioxide. It eases digestion and stops vomiting. But it is also used for throwing up.

To use it to make yourself throw up, it is necessary to make sure that coca-cola has run out of bubbles. When we first open up the coke bottle it is rich with the bubbles( carbon dioxide).

After placing it for some time in the open air when it has run out of bubbles, all you need to do is drink water after having this coca-cola that has no bubbles. This method will help you throwing up because coke without bubbles is merely a drink that contains a large amount of sugar.

Sugar in such a large amount upsets the balance and make you feel nauseous and induce vomiting.



As pushing finger down in throat is objectionable but you can also use a toothbrush to make yourself throw up. This can be done by inserting the toothbrush at the back of the mouth and pushing it against the most posterior part of the tongue.

The mechanism by which this method works is the activation of gag reflex that makes you feel nauseous and throw up.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up

How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily (Simple Methods to Perform)

Is Forcing Yourself To Vomit A Good Idea? Today I will share a brief details about How To Make Yourself Throw Up easily within few minutes. The answer to this question depends upon the circumstances. Forcing yourself to throw up is sometimes good when you have stomachache caused by dyspepsia (acidity). In this case, to …

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Think About Vomiting:


When you think about vomiting, all you are doing is making yourself uncomfortable by merely imaging the vomiting procedure.

You just think about the smell, sound, sight of vomiting, that makes you sick and you feel nausea and that ultimately starts to throwing up.

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Gargling With Egg White:


Another easy method to make yourself throw up is gargling with egg white. Egg white gargling induce vomiting because it has an objectionable smell and unpleasant taste.

All you need is to do is to take just a small amount of egg white and swish it around the mouth just for a few seconds. And you will feel the extremely unpleasant taste that will cause nausea and vomiting.

Exposing yourself to unpleasant sight and smell:


The unpleasant smell like smell of socks that have been worn by someone for more than 24 hours, and bad odor that is present in trash cane, etc can cause throwing up. Similarly, disagreeable sights like observing someone vomiting in front of you, will also make you feel sick and cause nausea.

Baking soda:


Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Add 1teasppon of baking soda in one glass of water and swill it down. Intake of baking soda will lead to throwing up because of excessive sodium concentration in baking soda solution that upsets electrolyte balance.

This method is harmful because of the recovery period after this method is long.

Mustard Solution:


It has a natural emetic property. Add 1 or more teaspoons of mustard seeds in a glass of water to prepare mustard solution and gulp it down immediately.

This is an efficient method of throwing up because of its natural quality of inducing nausea. Unnecessary use of this method without a physician’s consultation is not safe.

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Bloodroot Herb:


It is known to induce nausea and vomiting. Combine a teaspoon of bloodroot herb powder in one glass of water and drink it in one go. It will lead to nausea and eventually throwing up. High dose of it is dangerous for health and physician consultation is necessary.

Things To Do After You Throw Up:

Take a bath.

Blow both your nostrils to remove the content present.

Brush your teeth.

Use a mouth wash and swish it around the mouth to get rid of bad breath.

Change your clothes.

Take sips of water regularly.

Drink fruit juices to remove the smell from mouth, ginger ale to cause soothing effect on the stomach.

Take ORS for rehydration.

Side Effects Of Throwing Up:

Loss of fluid and electrolytes(dehydration).

Bad breath.

Aspiration of stomach contents in windpipe.

Ulcers in mouth due to reflux of acidic content of the stomach.

Erosion of teeth due to regurgitation of acid.

Rupture or tearing of food pipe.

Bulimia nervosa.


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