Best Home Remedies for Stomach Pain in Toddlers

Stomach aches or pain is very hard to assess in kids, particularly when a kid can’t convey obviously about the pain. There can be some reasons for stomach pain or ache in little children, and it should not be ignored if it is happening for a long time.

There are so many different home remedies on natural treatment basis that can help you to relieve your toddler from tummy aches easily and effectively:

Simple Home Remedies to Treat Stomach Pain in Toddler At Home:

Keep Your Child Hydrated

You should offer any unsweetened type of tea like mint or soda tea to your child to keep him or her hydrated. This calms the throbbing nerves of a kid’s stomach and aides in diminishing stomach pain.

You should avoid giving dairy items and broiled/sleek items until your toddler feels good.

You can give him toast or oats when he feels hungry. If this tummy pain gets connected with the condition of vomiting, then you should offer them any kind of solids and fluid until and unless the pain does not slow down. This is an important remedy to keep in mind.

Warm Compress


One of the most secure and the best answers for soothing stomach pain is the utilization of warmth. The best thing about staying in the condition of giving warm compress is that it does not have any reactions and it gives a quick, easy help.

If you are using with some warming compress cushion, select the most minimal dimension of warmth and apply it over your kid’s midriff. If you do not have the cushion, you can also think about to utilize a jug loaded up with warm water and wrap it by fabric and your warm compress is prepared.

You should always check the warmth of the compress before starting the procedure and guarantee your kid is comfortable with it.


Asafoetida or Hing is a wonderful method to facilitate your toddler stomach pain as it helps in discharging gases from the body. You can mix the ‘thing’ powder in water to make a thick paste and apply it around the toddler belly button.

Make sure he is lying in an even position, and the paste should not enter the navel. You can also mix the thing powder with olive oil and massage it over the toddler’s stomach to give the best relief to the stomach pain. Consult your doctor now!

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Yogurt and Other Probiotic Foods


Probiotic food items are much useful in alleviating stomach pain. For example, the yogurt is a characteristic probiotic which kills loose bowels and spasms. Yogurt contains the high amount of bacteria which makes up for the loss of microorganisms in the gut.

Fenugreek seeds are additionally powerful in treating stomach pain or aches in babies. You can crush a bunch of fenugreek seeds and blend them into the yogurt and offer it to your toddler if they are having severe stomach pain.

Khichdi or plain rice is much soothing food items, and they should be served to the kid if they are hungry enough.

Herbal Teas

Another most effective solution for fighting off the toddler’s stomach is by sustaining them natural herbal teas. You can mesh some ginger and let it absorb into warm water for quite a while.

If your kid is at the age of 2 years old, you can serve them with this tea. But if they are below two years old age, you can apply ginger squeeze around his navel zone. Mint tea can help you to kill harmful bacteria from the gut while lemon can help if your little one is constipated.

Some tea with a couple of mint leaves and a couple of drops of lemon squeeze additionally help in facilitating stomach pain.


Honey is the powerhouse of starches, sugars, and enemies of oxidants. It can be given to babies by including it in natural teas or warm water.

Children often love eating it. You should now be giving honey to the children under two years old as there is a danger of botulism.

Delicate Massage

The aching nerves and muscles of the stomach area can be eased by enhancing the circulation around it, and this can be effectively accomplished by giving a delicate massage. You can utilize your palms and fingers to knead your child’s stomach.

Just massage delicately in round movements the clockwise way around the navel zone of your infant. You should be massaging from the jawline downwards to the lower bit of the stomach area that is additionally known to give much extra relief.

Make the Child Comfortable


You should ask your infant to lie down on the bed in a comfortable position. He or she should wear loose fitting type garments.

Try not to walk out on him while he is wakeful and make sure you should let them get the sleep by telling them their favorite stories at night time to relax the stomach pain easily.

Foot Reflexology

There are numerous nerves in our hands and feet which therapeutically affect explicit zones of the body. Take your toddler left foot in your hands and at the time of supporting the foot with your correct hand, just apply weight on the focal curve.

You can also utilize your thumb to apply an unfaltering sort of weight for a moment and perform this 4-5 times. Do this before dinner time for a quick impact.

Open Outdoor Activities

Any activity that can help in stimulating the gastrointestinal tract is suggested if your toddler complains about the stomach hurt. Moderate exercises like strolling and running with no bending or turning can give help to the little one’s stomach pain or aches.

These all natural home remedies can help in giving proper relaxation to the stomach aches in little children.

If still these remedies are not showing the immediate results just take him to your specialist and look for therapeutic consideration at the most earlier basis.


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