What causes Cancer? Using Headphone with Bluetooth

Internet and other tech news media now a days are filled with sensational news of health hazards caused by technology. This kind of claims have caused a sort of frenzy among tech lovers. There are thousands and thousands of articles filling our news feeds with the accusations that our precious devices are causes of potentially fatal and life endangering diseases like cancers etc.

But it is very important for us to not believe any news before confirming it from an authentic source first. So, if you’re one of those people who are a little worried about their health after reading these articles, my honest opinion for you would be to check some facts first.


When we talk about a possibility of news being fake or wrong then our first step should be to investigate its origin so if we look closely at the timeline of this news then we would know that this news actually stemmed from an article on a prestigious media news outlet i.e. medium.

The title for the article was, “Are air pods and other Bluetooth headphones safe?” No doubt the article was well researched and quoted an honorable professor from the University of Colorado. According to the Ph.D. professor, Dr. Jerry Philips, the air pods placed into our ears introduce our brain cells to a dangerous kind of radiation commonly known as radio frequency radiations.

Petition Signed By Professors and Researchers

This article by medium not only cites this biochemistry professor but it also informs its readers about a petition signed by a huge number of prestigious professors and researchers from all over the world who all share the same concern and want the UN and WHO to take notice.


But these media outlets knowingly or unknowingly failed to mention that all those 250 academic scholars weren’t actually accusing air pods by name.

Instead, all their commotion and concern were about possibly damning side effects of Non ionizing EMF technology which is being used in all kinds if Bluetooth devices and this technology isn’t something new this is recently introduced rather it is quite old and has been used for many years.

Another thing that you may find interesting is the publishing date of this petition. It was first issued in 2015 and later on edited at the start of this year.

It showed concerns about many of pour household devices like mobile phones, WIFI, baby monitoring devices and cordless phones etc.


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